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Brilliant tips for Root Operation INSERTION in IP coding

Basics for Root operation Insertion in ICD 10 PCS coding

ICD 10 PCS codes have been introduced along with ICD 10 codes in 2016. We all know now the main difference between ICD 9 and ICD 10 diagnosis codes. For medical coders ICD 10 and ICD 10 PCS codes are new in medical coding. From 2016, ICD 10 codes are used for diagnosis coding and ICD 10 PCS codes used for coding procedure codes in inpatient coding. Hope, now medical coders will understand what are ICD 10 PCS codes and when they should be used. These codes are made of different section, which also includes root operation in ICD 10 PCS codes. I have already shared use of drainage and dilation root operation in inpatient coding. Today we will check when to use root operation insertion in medical coding. We will check when to use root operation insertion with the help coded sample report below.

Root Operation INSERTION in Inpatient coding

Sample Report for Root operation INSERTION


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CLINICAL DATA: Septic left shoulder joint



PROCEDURE: The patient was advised of the possible risks and complications and agreed to undergo the procedure. The patient was then brought to the angiographic suite for the procedure. The right arm was prepped with chlorhexidine, draped in the usual sterile fashion using maximum barrier technique (cap and mask, sterile gown, sterile gloves, large sterile sheet, hand hygiene and cutaneous antisepsis) and infiltrated locally with 1% Lidocaine. Ultrasound demonstrated patency of the right basilic vein, and this was documented with an image. Under real-time ultrasound guidance, this vein was accessed with a 21 gauge micropuncture needle and image documentation was performed. A 0.018 wire was introduced in to the vein. Over this, a 5 French single lumen power PICC was advanced to the lower SVC/right atrial junction. Fluoroscopy during the procedure and fluoro spot radiograph confirms appropriate catheter position. The catheter was flushed and covered with a sterile dressing.
LENGTH: 33 cm
IMPRESSION: Successful right arm power PICC line placement with ultrasound and
fluoroscopic guidance. The catheter is ready for use.

ICD 10 PCS code

02HV33Z – Insertion of Infusion Device into Superior Vena Cava, Percutaneous Approach

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