No individual can gain weight in a day and hence no one can lose weight within 24 hours. Losing weight naturally also takes a lot of time and by that time; people get frustrated with their gain weight. Hence, many of us have a question to how to lose weight fast in a week without exercise or pills free. Yes, there are methods available to lose weight by staying at home and that too absolutely free. These easy methods will be your daily household work and diet and no can will force you or train you to lose weight fast.

Lose weight fast in a week without exercise by having healthy diet

Divide your meals of day into smaller meals. These tiny meals will help you reduce or lose weight within few days. Small tiny meals with proper chewing of foods help in increase in metabolism and digestion of food. Do not have any snacks between meals. Having healthy diet and sufficient amount of calories will help in having a healthy body metabolism. Minimum 1200 calories diet every time thrice a week can help you living a healthy life. This way you can have your meal as well lose weight fast within a week. You can increase your diet plan depending upon your body requirement.

How to lose weight fast in a week without exercise or pills for free

Lose weight fast using daily exercise within week

These exercise will be a part of you day-to-day lifestyle. Walking, cycling, using stairs not lift etc .such easy-going things will help you in losing weight within a week very fast. Do not give up or lose hope keep forcing yourself to reduce your weight. Keep checking your weight on weekly basis once you follow the above tips, you will surely see the change in your weight. It is easy to lose weight if your only concentrate of things which helps in building your body.

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Lose weight fast using Green Tea within week

Green tea has a lot of antioxidants, which naturally help in losing weight. Fats are the main target of Green tea and hence having two to three-time a day will surely help in reducing weight. The taste is not so good so do not hesitate or give up after few days. The taste of green tea will be good after you tongue get friendly with its taste. The results of drinking of green tea also you can see within a week and thus will finally help in reducing weight.

Lose weight naturally by having a balanced healthy diet

No one can lose his or her weight without having a proper healthy diet. A healthy balance diet is nothing but a proper intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Hence one should take only the require amount of calories which is required for healthy body. Do not overfeed yourself try to keep a healthy diet plan every day.

Lose weight fast by drinking water within a week

Who don’t like to drink water? Drinking freely available water is also one available method to lose weight within week. Water has many advantages and reducing or losing weight is one of them. Drinking lot of water helps in digestion and having a good metabolism. Water also keeps in keeping your skin healthy and avoids skin dryness. Drinking around 10 glasses of water, a day will be enough to burn the extra calories in your body.

Avoid eating sugar to lose weight fast without exercise

Try to avoid as much sugar-containing product to reduce weight as soon as fast. Avoid drinking tea or coffee, which are also not healthy. They are as unhealthy as much the junk food. Try to avoid this product to keep you healthy.