CPT code for CTA abdominal aorta with bilateral lower extremity with Runoff

CTA (Computed Tomography Angiography) exam are easy to spot on as long as they are coded for a particular specific site. Since, we usually know the commonly used CTA CPT codes we do not bother to learn about other CTA CPT codes. As we know CTA chest, head, neck, extremities, abdomen and pelvis are frequently coded in Radiology facility. These CPT codes are easy to code and the reports are easy to understand. Now, we are here to learn the CTA CPT Code abdominal aorta plus the bilateral lower extremity. Now, many of us know the cpt code which is 75635, but while coding we generally get confused whether to use this code or not. This may be happening because these exams are performed very rarely and the coders would use their usual codes like CTA abdomen 74175 etc. So, we will just learn the things to check to code this CPT code 75635.

75635CTA abdominal aorta & bilateral iliofemoral lower extremity runoff



Documentation required for coding 75635

Now, as you can see with the code description, the CTA exam examines the region from aorta to the bilateral lower extremity. Here we also have to understand the word “Runoff”. Now, Runoff is the word given the flow of contrast, which runs from the aorta to the bilateral lower extremity. Here, one thing should always remember the contrast should inject at any single point in aorta and it flows to the lower extremities for taking images. You can also read my article of abdominal aortogram with runoff CPT codes used for interventional radiology procedures. Now, here the report will mention findings from aorta, abdomen, pelvis and both the lower extremities. So, these things will always be mention for CTA abdominal aorta CPT Code exam. CTA exam are always done with and without contrast, so always read the technique properly before coding the correct CPT code.

Do and don’t with CPT code 75635

Do not code CTA chest, abdominal, pelvis and lower extremity cpt code separately when the documentation full support for CTA abdominal aorta with bilateral lower extremity cpt code.

Do not code any other CPT code like 75625 or 75630, which is for coding runoff in interventional radiology procedures.

Do no code any 3D CPT code 76376 or 76377 along with 75635, since the CTA, exam code include all the 3D codes.

Hope, you would learn something new for coding CTA abdominal Aorta plus the bilateral lower extremity cpt code 75635. Do share the article if you liked it.