CPT code 76942 is an ultrasound guidance code. This code is used mostly for the percutaneous procedures. Percutaneous surgeries are same day surgery procedure and minimal invasive procedures. These procedures are performed through the skin percutaneously. Hence, guidance is always required for the procedure cpt code. Like Procedure code 76942, there are the other type of guidance as well depending on the type of guidance is used. For fluoroscopic guidance, we have 77001, 77002 and 77003 CPT code and depending on the kind of the procedure, we will use the guidance code. There are different guidance codes used for vascular and non-vascular procedures. CPT code 76942 is used for non-vascular procedures. For vascular procedure, we use CPT code 76937 hence it should not be confused with CPT code 76942. Now, let us check how and when to use CPT code 76942 to avoid the error with this code.

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When to use CPT code 76942

The Ultrasound guidance or any other guidance code cannot be used primary; it should have a primary main procedure code for which the guidance is used. For example, if an arthrocentesis procedure is done with the use of guidance then the arthrocentesis CPT code should be primary followed by the guidance code, like 20610 and 76942. Many of the CPT codes now include the guidance codes; hence, we should be careful while assigning the CPT codes. CPT code 76942 is an ultrasonic guidance for needle placement for procedures like biopsy, injection, aspiration etc.hence it should be used only with these procedures. Therefore, all the biopsy, spinal injection, joint injection, aspiration procedures will use ultrasound guidance 76942. Also Fine needle aspirations are also done with the help of this guidance.

Do and Don’t about CPT code 76942

CPT code 76942 should be coded once per encounter

Do not use CPT code 76942 for vascular procedures; separate ultrasound guidance code 76937 is used for these procedures.

Do not used CPT code 76942 as a primary procedure code. It should be always coded secondary procedure code.

Do not use any modifiers like RT, LT, 59, 51 etc with CPT code 76942. Modifiers are not eligible with CPT code 79642.