Basics about CPT code 78070 and 78071

There are many CPT codes in Radiology facility. As we have almost learnt most of the CPT codes in radiology and surgery section. If you are clever enough, you can easily self-prepare yourself for certification exams like CPC, through this information. Yes, there are lot of books available for medical coding certification exams, but internet has more information as well. Also, to have a stable career in medical coding, one must have CPC certification from AAPC. Since the time has ICD 10 have been introduced, coders are now more concentrating on ICD 10 codes. To avoid common mistakes in ICD 10 codes, it is better to follow ICD 10 coding guidelines every time. Now, let us come back to CPT codes, today we will learn about parathyroid imaging CPT code.

Best Coding Tips for CPT code 78070, 78071 & 78072

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Exam performed for Parathyroid scan or imaging

Parathyroid scan or planar imaging is performed to diagnose or localize the parathyroid adenomas and hyperplastic glands. Thallium-20 is injected, which is taken up by thyroid gland, in supine position to the patient. 60 second images are taken five to 20 minutes following the injection, using a camera centered over the neck. 99m-technetium is also injected and thyroid images are taken for 5 to 10 minutes after injection. To further localize the abnormal parathyroid tissue, SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) with or without concurrent CT imaging may be performed. SPECT provides 3D dimensional imaging using gamma radiation and multiple images of the parathyroid region. The computerized tomography CT imaging performed in more precise localization. Below are the CPT code for parathyroid imaging used in radiology facility in medical coding.

78070  Parathyroid planar imaging (including subtraction, when performed);

78071   with tomographic (SPECT)

78072  with tomographic (SPECT), and concurrently acquired computed tomography (CT) for anatomical localization

Hope, this will increase your knowledge about CPT code 78070, 78071 and 78072. We have learnt about coding modifiers like 58 and 78, PI and PS for PET, but these procedures are very straight forward. If you know the procedure performed, you can easily code a CPT code for that procedure in medical coding. Do share this article if you liked it and share your thoughts in comment section below.