Professionals who want to take Medical Coding as a career always want to be called as Certified Professional Medical Coder. However, lots of us do not know the exact path of becoming a certified coder. During my initial days, I was unaware of any certification exams in the field of medical coding. Nevertheless, with the time I started taking my career seriously and started applying for Medical coding Certification exams. To prepare and Clear Certification exam in first attempt is little tough. Why I am saying this, because many of know that these exams are open book exam, so we think it is very easy to find a code in Codebooks. Things are not as simple as you think. Nevertheless, if are serious enough and want to clear the Certification exam without attending any private training, I would recommend you to follow few codebooks. These books are very helpful for Medical coding Certification exams.

Best Books for Medical Coding Certification exams

Book for CPC exam

 This is one of the best practice guide for those who want to clear CPC (Certified Professional Coder) exam. This book consist of the model question and answers for CPC Exam. The best thing about this book is the answer comes with the rationale. Each answer is explained as per the coding guidelines. In addition, they will guide how to reach out to correct code and how to filter the correct answer for the given four options. CPC exam has multiple-choice questions. Therefore, if you practice few model question paper of CPC exam, you will easily clear CPC exam in first attempt. The best thing about solving model question paper for CPC exam is you will come to know the paper pattern of this exam. In addition, you learn about how to manage time while solving these sample question paper. The more you practice the more you learn, so please do go through at least three model question paper for CPC exam before writing the main exam. If you pass the model question paper, I guarantee you can clear CPC exam in you first attempt with good percentage. You can click here to check more in detail about this book.


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Book for Dummy Coders

Those who are do not know anything about medical coding or either billing; there are also books available for them. The main key feature of this book is you can prepare yourself for successful career in medical billing and coding. You will get the latest updates on changes in the ICD-10 and ICD-10 PCS. You will also learn about the growth in the field of medical coding and how much you can earn as Certified Medical coder. Professional who are passionate to know about this field should really buy this book. The fast you start learning the faster you can grow in your career. Checkout here to know more about this book.

Books for ICD 10 and ICD 10 PCS

You will leave behind if you do not know about the guidelines for ICD-10 and ICD-10 PCS. The most important to clear any certification exam is one should very clear with the coding guidelines. This book is very important for people who want to know every ting about ICD 10 and ICD 10 PCS. I have bought this book and it is awesome. You can learn everything about Z codes of ICD -10, how to code the pregnancy complication, how to code initial, subsequent or sequela encounter for injuries etc. It goes for ICD 10 PCS, which will give in detail about all the different component of ICD 10 PCS code. The best part you will learn about the different root operation of ICD 10 PCS codes. It is difficult to summarize every ting in this article. If you are preparing for any CPC, COC, CIRCC or CCS exam, this is the best book. You will even get sample question after every chapter to solve with answers. Therefore, if you are seriously looking to clear any of the medical coding certification exam you should be having this book. Checkout here to know more about this book.