In ICD 10, the diagnosis codes are very specific. To code pregnancy complications, we have very specific codes in ICD 10 this time. Now, we have codes for first, second, third and unspecified trimester ICD 10 codes for pregnancy complication. Earlier in ICD 9 codes, pregnancy complication codes were only based on antepartum, postpartum or unspecified episode of care. However, in ICD 10 we will be having very specific Trimester codes. In addition, to add this will be having codes for specific weeks of gestation. Yes, you have heard it correct, there will be secondary codes with pregnancy complication specifying the weeks of gestation. Let us talk in more detail about these codes.

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Use of Pregnancy complication codes (O00-O9A)

The pregnancy complication codes should only be used for the maternal record. The ICD 10 codes for Pregnancy complication start with ‘O’ alphabet.  These ICD 10 codes are different from ICD 9 codes. In ICD 9, we use to use generally one code for pregnancy complication. However, in ICD 10 we have to use minimum two codes, one for the complication and second ICD 10 code for specifying the weeks of gestation. Therefore, pregnancy ICD 10 codes will be very specific.Coding Guide for Pregnancy Complication in ICD 10

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Codes used for Pregnancy Complication

Now, we know we have to use minimum two codes for coding pregnancy complication. The first code with be obviously from series O00-O9A followed by the weeks of gestations. There is separate code series for specifying the weeks of gestation. Z3A category includes number of weeks of gestation. This category has codes from 1st week to 49 week of gestation. So, do not forget to add these codes with the pregnancy complication codes.  

Coding Guide for Pregnancy Complication in ICD 10