Z Codes in ICD-10

In ICD-10 we will have many changes for ICD-9 codes. In new codes we will see complete change in the number or digits as well as the use of alphabets in ICD-10. As we know the amount of codes have also increased significantly in ICD-10. But, this will not be a problem if you are aware of the basic ICD-10 guidelines which is more or less similar to ICD-9. We are here to just learn about the new changes with the V-codes in the ICD-10. In ICD-9, the V codes are the only codes that do not represent acute illnesses or conditions. These codes represent Factors Influencing Health Status and Contact with Health Services. In ICD-9, there are six scenarios when we use V codes:

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New Z codes in ICD-10 for V codes of ICD-9


1.   A healthcare encounters for a person for organ donor, to receive prophylactic care, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or receive counseling on health-related issues.
2.   Personal and Family history of Neoplasms for a Person.
3.   A healthcare encounter for a person with a resolving injury or disease, a chronic or long-term condition requiring continuous care, or for aftercare related to a disease or injury.
4.   Healthcare encounters that influence a person’s health status, but are not in themselves related to     an illness or injury.
5.   To indicate newborn birth status.
6.   To indicate Pregnancy status.

Examples of Z codes in ICD-10

All the above conditions are now being replaced with new ICD-10 codes will be categorized in Z codes. These Z codes of ICD-10 will be replacing the V codes of ICD-9. Let us check few examples of  ICD-10 codes.

New Z codes in ICD-10 for V codes of ICD-9


 The above examples will clearly tell that use of Z codes in ICD10 will completely replace V codes. Also the information through these Z codes will be more specific compared to V codes in ICD9. Hope, this little info regarding Z codes will help you in learning ICD 10 codes.

List of Z-codes used in ICD 10 which have replaced V codes

Z00   Encounter for general examination without complaint, suspected or reported diagnosis

Except: Z00.6

Z01  Encounter for other special examination without complaint, suspected or reported diagnosis

Z02     Encounter for administrative examination

Z03    Encounter for medical observation for suspected diseases and conditions ruled out

Z04     Encounter for examination and observation for other reasons

Z33.2   Encounter for elective termination of pregnancy

Z31.81 Encounter for male factor infertility in female patient

Z31.82 Encounter for Rh incompatibility status

Z31.83 Encounter for assisted reproductive fertility procedure cycle

Z31.84 Encounter for fertility preservation procedure

Z34;      Encounter for supervision of normal pregnancy

Z39       Encounter for maternal postpartum care and examination

Z38       Liveborn infants according to place of birth and type of delivery

Z42      Encounter for plastic and reconstructive surgery following medical procedure or healed injury

Z51.0   Encounter for antineoplastic radiation therapy

Z51.1-  Encounter for antineoplastic chemotherapy and immunotherapy

Z52 Donors of organs and tissues

Except: Z52.9, Donor of unspecified organ or tissue

Z76.1   Encounter for health supervision and care of foundling

Z76.2   Encounter for health supervision and care of other healthy infant and child

Z99.12 Encounter for respirator [ventilator] dependence during power failure