In 2017, many of us will have new resolution in New Year. Some of them will be trying for clearing medical coding certification in 2017 and make a successful career in medical coding. Today we will share some tips about how to get prepared for CPC (Certified Professional Coder) exam. In 2017, we will some new challenges for clearing CPC exam due to introduction of new ICD and CPT codes. We are having new CPT codes introduced in 2017, replacing some old codes. In short, we need to be updated with ICD and CPT codes to get fully prepared for CPC Exam. Let us see how we can prepare for CPC exam and use various techniques to clear this exam. You can refer a CPC exam study guide as well for practical hand on sample CPC questions.

Amazing tips for clearing 2017 CPC exams
Be Prepared with ICD 10 codes

ICD codes have increased significantly, after implementation of new ICD 10 codes. Most of the guidelines are same when compared to ICD 9 but in few cases we have to use multiple codes. For CPC exam preparation, we need to focus more on pregnancy complication codes, new Z status codes and Injury codes. These three categories need more attentions due to change in their coding guidelines.  Pregnancy complication needs to be coded with another code in ICD 10 for specifying the trimester or weeks of gestation from Z3A category. Z codes, which have replaced V codes of ICD 9, will be little complicating to code. Hence, it will be better to make a list of Z codes used commonly in Medical coding. Injury codes have major changes in their coding guidelines especially for fracture coding. Injury codes needs seventh character to define the initial, subsequent encounter or sequela for injury codes. Finally, be prepared with these three sections to confidently clear CPC exam in 2017. You can get the best sample CPC exam guide here which will surely help in clearing this exam.

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Be Prepared with New CPT codes

We always have new CPT codes introduced every New Year. This year we have new bundled CPT codes for Spinal Injection, angioplasty, stent etc. These new bundled CPT codes will include all the minor procedures including the guidance and radiological supervision and interpretation. Always remember to read notes below CPT codes to avoid coding inclusive procedures. Always check for the Add-on codes required with primary codes. Surgery section in CPC exam needs more attention. Do read coding guidelines for each section in CPT codebook.

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Keep Solving model CPC papers

Practice makes everyone perfect. As I have mentioned keep yourself updated with ICD and CPT codes for coding certification exams. For CPC exam, understanding the question paper is very important. If you have understood the question paper pattern, you can easily give 50% correct answer. The major advantage of solving model or sample CPC exam paper is that how to use time during exam. Time is very important for factor for clearing any exam. I have practiced almost three CPC model question paper, to know how much time I have taken to attempt all the questions. In First 2 question paper  I have left few question unanswered, but third one I have finished on time. Therefore, the main thing to focus here is, how to manage time in solving sample question paper. Finally, solving question paper helps in knowing your mistakes and avoids those mistakes in final CPC exam.

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Be Relaxed during CPC exam

Exam fear is very common. So, do prepare confidently and remove your fear for CPC exam. This exam is very important for all the medical coders. Hence, be cool and solve all the practice papers within stipulated time for CPC exams. If you are relaxed and cool during CPC exam, you can concentrate more on finding correct answer. If you get upset or worried for any question, you might forget many important points. This happen mostly in exam and many of us have experienced. Finally, keep all your codebooks ready during CPC exam, so that you can easily find the required guideline or ICD or CPT code in few seconds.

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How to calculate your passing marks for CPC exam

As you all know for clearing or passing CPC exam you need to score equal to more than 70%. Now, while writing CPC exam, you should always look for questions which you can answer confidently. Sometimes, we miss questions which we can answer, by just wasting our time on difficult questions. So, the tip for CPC exams is just go ahead with questions, you can answer correctly. Once, you know you have attempted all the easy questions of CPC exam, you can then go ahead for difficult ones. So, if you attempt equal to or more than equal to 70 % correctly you can easily pass the CPC exam. After calculating all the correct answers, you can yourself judge your performance. Hence, do attempt all the questions and pass the CPC exam in first attempt. 

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Result day of CPC exam

The score of CPC exam will be shown in AAPC website after few days of your exam. Now, if you pass your CPC exam in first attempt, then you have added one more achievement in your professional life. But, if you have not cleared the CPC exam in first attempt, do not feel low. Yes, it feels bad but everyone is not brainy enough to clear this exam in first attempt. Sometimes, we need to do more hard work. So, if you score below 70% in CPC exams, start preparing for your second attempt. Checkout your weaker section in medical coding. Discuss with students who scored above 80% or 90% in CPC exams, about how to prepare for the second attempt. The more you gain knowledge about CPC exam, the more are the chances of clearing this exam.

Hope, you would have loved this article about passing CPC exam. If you have any tips for clearing CPC exam do share with us in the comment section.