CEUs (Continue education units) are important to retain your AAPC or AHIMA credentials. All the certified medical coders have to submit an allotted number of coding CEUs before few months of their renewal date. But, many times we are not able to get the required number of CEUs earned from AAPC or AHIMA. It is very important to note that Free Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are not easily available. If you are short of CEUs, you have to either get it from other sources like codebusters, super coder, Medtronic etc.

You can also buy CEUs from AAPC or AHIMA, but it is very costly. 1 CEU may cost you around 30$ to 40$. Hence, it is very important to keep collecting Free CEUs for CPC  or any other exam by attending webinars and training conducted by AAPC or AHIMA. Recently I have come across a site where you can get Free Continuing Education Units for AAPC medical coders. Yes, you have to just register and attend the webinar. You can earn 1.5 CEUs for each webinar. Let us check how you can get free CEUs for AAPC certificate.

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Get Free CEUs for AAPC medical coders

You have visit the below website http://www.medtronic.com/. Here, you have different webinars on different topics.

Free Continuing Education Units for AAPC Certified Medical coders

Once you visit this website just visit this link http://www.medtronic.com/us-en/healthcare-professionals/products/spinal-orthopaedic/reimbursement/spine-academy.html.

Once, you visit the above link you will come a Registration tab. Just click the “+” sign to enlarge the registration tab. Now, you will see different courses (as shown below) name along with number of Free Continuing Education Units given for each of them. Now, these are your real targets. Medical coders can get CEUs for AAPC for free of cost after attending these webinar presentations.


Free CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for AAPC Certified Medical coders

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Now, you can see there are different dates available to attend the webinar session. As you can see above from January to  November 2018, dates are available for attending this session. Now, just choose the date of your choice (for example November 28, 2018) and click it, you will come across to the below page.

Free CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for AAPC Certified Medical coders

Now once you reach the above page, you will get all the information about the event. Here you have to register for this webinar persentation. Now, just click Register. You will reach the below page.

Free Continuing Education Units for AAPC Certified Medical codersRead also: How to become perfect in Surgery Coding

Now, just enter all the details. Enter the email address correctly. You will get the confirmation for attending the session on your registered email address. Be ready on the webinar date to attend the session. Once, you successfully attend the session then you will be granted the allotted Free Continuing Education Units for that session. Meanwhile, you can also check more webinar sessions which gives 1.5 CEUs , as shown in below image. So, join all those sessions which are providing CEUs and add it your CEU tracker in AAPC website.

Free CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for AAPC Certified Medical coders

Keep checking this website for more webinar session in future.Please share the details of other sources where we can get more Free Continuing Education Units in the comment section.