The requirement of medical coders is increasing day by day. If you are visiting AAPC website, you can check in their monthly newsletters, the number of CPC-A, CPC. COC, CIRCC etc. newly certified coders with their names. So, the demand for coders is growing in the market, may be because of the implementation of ICD 10 codes in 2016. Yes, ICD 10 codes have made a huge difference in the healthcare sector. There are many projects in the Healthcare industry related to only ICD 10 coding. Due to the transition from ICD 9 to ICD 10, their is a huge requirement for CPC or AAPC certified coders. AHIMA credential are also important, but I would recommend to first go for CPC exam, which can be cleared in First attempt, if followed the coding guidelines. Earlier I have shared some of the tips for Clearing CPC exam in 2016. Now, from October 2016, again few updates in diagnosis will be added in ICD 10. Hence, we should now start thinking about how we should prepare and clear CPC exam in 2017.

Get Ready to Clear CPC exam in 2017

Become Perfect in ICD 10 coding

In 2017, the main game changer in CPC exam will be ICD 10 codes. In ICD 9 and ICD 10 differences, their will be a difference in you CPC final score as well. So, do prepare for ICD 10 codes thoroughly. Avoid committing the common mistakes in ICD 10 coding. Due to the increase in the number of diagnosis codes in ICD 10, coders need to be alert while searching for the codes. Though, the guidelines of ICD 9 and ICD 10 is almost same, but the alphanumeric ICD 10 codes are not easy to memorize. Hence, do check twice while coding the ICD 10 codes. There are few topics which I would like to discuss for preparation of CPC exam, in ICD 10.  If you perfect in these topics, you can gain 95% to 100% in ICD 10 coding questions.

Injury ICD 10 codes

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The injury ICD 10 codes have now increased. We have separate codes for initial, subsequent encounters and sequela for injury codes. While answering question, do check for the 7th digit for the encounter. If you are good in coding injury codes, you can easily gain full marks in ICD 10 questions.

Pregnancy Complication

As I have posted earlier, the new Z3A category codes has been added for the weeks of gestation in pregnancy. Also, the pregnancy complication codes have specific first, second, third or unspecified trimester ICD 10 codes. Hence, medical coders should always, remember to code a correct trimester ICD 10 codes followed by a Z3A category codes for specific weeks of gestation. Pregnancy complication will always have two or more ICD 10 codes.

Practice More on CPC model Question Paper

CPC exam is very length. The 150 Multiple choice questions should be finished in 5 hours 40 minutes. Hence, to manage the time used in CPC exam, you have first practice on Sample CPC question papers. You need to finish you CPC exam before 1 hour or half an hour of your exam time. If you have sufficient time at the end of the exam, you can go back and check your answers once again. I always come across a wrong answer or a unattempt question while checking my finished paper. So, do practice all these techniques if you want to clear your Certification exam in 2017.


New CPT and ICD 10 of 2017

It is really important for medical coders to remain updated with the CPT and ICD 10 codes. The procedures codes get updated in January and ICD codes in October every year. Hence, it is very important for medical coders to remain updated with new changed CPT and ICD 10 codes. The updated codes especially CPT codes sometimes will be easy to learn compared to old or deleted CPT codes. Now, every new CPT code is bundled and included services, which were coded separately previously. Hence, if you are updated you have high chances of clearing the CPC exam.

Be Cool during CPC exam

Many of us are scared with the name of EXAM. If you get scared of something, that will always dominate you. So, be calm and cool with the difficulties in your life. Be relax while writing CPC exam. If you have studied and prepared, you will surely clear CPC exam. If you not at all prepared, then all the fear of exam will go in your head. Confidence only come from your exam preparation. If you don’t study regularly even a simple question will be difficult for you. Hence, prepare for exam nicely and clear the CPC exam with good percentage.