Medical coding is proving to be a very good Career in Future. People from different field are now slowly taking interest in this field. I have seen people holding diploma, bachelor’s degree, Master degree are very much interested to enter in this field. So, if you are really want to be called Professional Medical coder, start learning from every opportunity in front of you. It is not about just joining a training institution and being trained; try to learn through the online sources and forums. As we are going to use ICD 10 codes from October 2015, we should know about the changes made from ICD 9 to ICD 10. I am just here to share my experience if you want to excel in the field of Medical coding.

Awesome Self Preparation tips for CPC exam

Take Ownership to learn by Self

I know many of us depend of training institute to know about everything about the medical coding. However, I would suggest do not depend totally on training institute, try to catch some knowledge in your free hours as well. There are many sample questions available online for medical coding certification exams, which will help you in clearing CPC Exam or CCS exam. These are the basic exams conducted by AAPC and AHIMA, which will help in becoming Professional Certified Medical coder. So, do prepare yourself in such a way that you are independent enough to prepare and clear these exams confidently in future. These days we spend lot of time on social networking sites, so if you spend some of this time in solving some sample CPC questions, it will really help you in clearing the certification exams. You can get the best sample CPC exam guide here which will surely help you in clearing this exam.

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 Be focused and Confident

I have seen many of us try to compare yourself with others performance. However, I would suggest do not get demotivated or discouraged if someone is performing better than you. It is all about self-confidence, if you confident than you can do it. I have faced the same experience, when few of my friends used to finish the exam with 90% in the model CPC exam paper, while I will be scoring in 70-75%. We all are not same, so we all cannot get 90 or 95%. Therefore, does not worry plan your study, solve some sample medical coding charts, and understand the scenarios. These thing really matter when you are going for CPC medical coding certification exam. We should be calm enough to understand the question and answer them correctly.

During Examination time

Be calm and compose during Exam. We really have exam fear but do try to be focused. Utilize your exam time properly. Do not waste too much time on single question. Pass it on to the other questions if you are not able to answer the questions. Do not think that others have finished their question paper within 4 hours and you are still writing the exams. Do not leave any question unanswered, since there is no negative marking for wrong answer in CPC exam. Try to finish the paper before 30 minutes, just to check the all the answers before submitting the answer copy.


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