Yes, I am again going to share a website where you can easily get CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA. We have seen previously how we can get free CEUs by just attending webinars. Today also we are going to explore one more website where we can get more free CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA.  We all know CEUs are very important for retaining our credentials from AAPC and AHIMA. For AAPC we need to submit CEUs yearly and for AHIMA every two years generally. If you want CEUs for life long period you can even get that as well. Today, we will learn how we can get CEUs from Findacode website.

Get more FREE CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA

Step 1

First, you need to visit Here, you will get a FREE TRIAL version option to use the features of this website. Now, go ahead and click FREE TRIAL version. Once, you click it you will get a page as shown below. Now, enter all the required details in this page for creating a free account in Findacode. Remember this trail version is only for 28 days.

HURRY UP!!! to get more FREE CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA

At the end of the this page, you will see  three boxes. Do not forget to check the first and last box. The last box, as shown below, will help to get you 4 CEUs, once you create an account.

HURRY UP!!! to get more FREE CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA

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Once, you click Create Account button, you will see a message as shown below. It will ask you to confirm your email address by clicking a confirmation link send to your email address. This step is important for full use of the trail version..

HURRY UP!!! to get more FREE CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA

Coding tool free for 28 months

Their are awesome tools available for medical coders in Findacode. You can use these features for free for the whole trail period of 28 days. You can see the list of coding tools in the below image.


These list of tools are very helpful for medical coders, you can find lot of information about codes, modifiers, NCCI edits, providers etc.  Get full access to Findacode with just 4.95$/month. Let us check them one by one.

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This the best tool for searching an ICD 10 code. Once, you click this tool you will be taken to the search page as shown in below image. Now, just go ahead and type your diagnosis or disorder. Once, you start typing, the Click-A-Dex tool will start suggesting ICD 10 codes in the bottom. This is really an easy and friendly tool to use for ICD 10 codes.

Free CEUs


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Map a Code

This tool gives a lot of option to map ICD 9, ICD 10 or CPT code to other platform. Once you click Map a code tool, you will be taken to page as shown in below image.


Here, you have lot of option to Map ICD or CPT codes to different medical codes. Now, for example if we choose to map CPT/HCPCS code to CCS (Clinical Classification for services) codes, you have to enter the code in the box and click Map codes as shown below. 


Once, you enter the codes and click Map codes, you will see the map CCS code in the bottom as shown above. This is just example, these features are hardly available anywhere. You can use all these features for free, for 28 days of your trial version. 

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Code status is also a good option for checking the status of a CPT code. If it is active, the tool will show it as active, and if it is deleted it will show as deleted. For example, I have entered CPT code 62311, (deleted in 2017) for checking  the status. You can see in the below image, the status of CPT code 62311 is shown as deleted. 


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NCCI edit tool

This my favorite tool because I love using modifiers. When you get edit between two or more codes, you can just go ahead and feed those CPT codes in the box for NCCI edit check as shown below. Here, for example, I have added 71010, 71020 and 71035 CPT code for checking the edits between them. Once I click Validate, I get the results in the bottom.


As you can see below, the result of NCCI edit for the above three CPT codes. The CPT code 71010 has edit with 70120. If we do not use modifier with CPT code 71010, only CPT code 71020 will be paid. Hence, this is the easiest tool to use for finding the edits between CPT codes.


Do use this trail version of Findacode, it will be really helpful for you to get more information on other fields in medical coding.