CEUs stand for Continue Education Units. These are very important for AAPC or AHIMA Certified coders to retain their credentials. CEUs are need to be submitted every year or once in a 2 year depending on the Credentials you are carrying. I have seen many coders struggling to submit their CEUs at the end of the year. I have already shared the website and information for getting free CEUs for AAPC. Today again I am sharing one more website where you can get CEUs for life long for all the Association including AAPC and AHIMA. In just below 3 steps you can earn CEUs online.

  1. Read the articles or listen to a on-demand webinar
  2. Take the post test online
  3. Print your certificate.

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How to get or Earn CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA

There is a website which provides CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA coders. Here you can get CEUs for other association or organization as well. In the below screenshot, you can see the list of association for which you can easily get the CEUs, you just have to click the association and you will be taken to the list of webinar page.


Get CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA for Life Long

For example, if I need the CEUs for AAPC, I have to select AAPC. Once I click AAPC, I have to attend the below list of webinars to earn CEUs.

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Get CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA for Life Long

Also, you can get CEUs by reading article and clearing the online test after finishing the article.  Then you can go ahead and print or download your AAPC certificate.


Get CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA for Life Long

For AHIMA as well, there is lot of webinars available. Below are the lists of webinar available currently in the library. You can earn CEUs by just attending these webinars.

Get CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA for Life Long

Get CEUs for life long

Now, these are very easy steps which can help you earn CEUs by just creating an account and subscribing for this website information. You just have to fill the below form with correct information and click the start subscription now button.

Get CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA for Life Long

Once, you click the below button, you will be move to payment page. Now, just go ahead and pay $69.95 to earn all the benefits for life. Yes, don’t have to pay monthly or yearly, it will be your lifelong subscription.

Get CEUs for AAPC and AHIMA for Life Long

You have lot of options for payment, as seen in the above image; even you can pay through PayPal. So, enjoy all the benefits of gaining information and earning CEUs in just $69.95.