A career in medical coding is not stable if don’t carry any credentials. As a coder we always thought of gaining experience and learning new facilities. But, if we have to survive in this competitive world, we have to carry at least one medical coding certificate. As a fresher, coders do not have much knowledge about medical coding certification exams. Once we start gaining experience as medical coder we start looking for certifications. If your experience and certification goes hand in hand, you can have a very nice future in medical coding profession.  So let us checkout basic certification exams in medical coding.

Why CPC certification is a must for Medical Coders

Certified professional coder (CPC) exam

As we start learning about ICD and CPT codes, one should also try to test your knowledge by giving certification exam like CPC. This exam is conducted by AAPC and adds a lot of value to the coders. One should not only look forward for experience but also for certifications. Even if you have CPC-A certification it has a lot of value in medical coding  jobs. If experience helps in increasing your knowledge, certifications helps you to grow in your career. While CPC exam is not that easy, but if have good knowledge about ICD and CPT guidelines, you can clear this examples. Do remember to solve as many CPC sample question papers you can, which will help you to know about CPC question paper pattern. Solving model question papers also helps us to manage time during CPC exam.


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Why CPC is must for medical coders

Calling yourself coder and certified coder, always make you feel different. Yes, when someone calls me CPC Certified coder, I always feel special because I don’t come under a category of non- Certified coders. Also, when there is a job opportunity, a CPC Certified coder gets more preference than a non- certified coder. The main reason for hiring certified coders by companies is that they get projects based on the number of CPC Certified coders they have. So, next time do not get confuse, why you have not been selected over a certified coder with same experience.

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How to prepare yourself for CPC exam

I remember once, my teacher said if you want to achieve something in life, just work hard till you achieve it, no body can stop you from achieving your goals. Here also, we have to follow your instinct, if you want to to clear CPC exam, just start working hard to clear this exam. Do not wait for any opportunity, just create opportunity. When I was a fresher, I use to collect as much information about this exam from my seniors, so that at any point I am ready to appear for CPC exam and clear it in first attempt. It is not necessary to attend any training for CPC exam, you just have to know about CPC question paper pattern and what are the tricks to crack it. I have already shared few secrets of CPC exam, if you follow them you might easily clear this exam. Just, be focused while preparing for this exam, once you have cleared this exam, you will have a lot of opportunities in future to grow more in this field.