Certified Professional Coder (CPC) is an exam conducted by AAPC. Professionals who want to pursue a career in Medical coding applies for CPC exam. Every month there are ‘n‘ numbers of professionals getting certified and I am one of them. Many of us who are already cleared CPC exam knows about how important it is?

But, I am here for those people who how are interested in Medical coding and who wants to learn more about the coding certification exams. Your career will have good growth if you carry healthy experience with high number of credentials in medical coding.

Before I start, I would tell everyone to remember first below updates in CPT codes

New CPT codes for Moderate Conscious Sedation

New CPT codes for Spinal Epidural Injection

New CPT codes for Diagnostic and Screening mammogram

New CPT codes for Angioplasty, Stent and Thrombectomy

New CPT code 36901 for AV fistula Access

Now, as we are very excited to learn about CPC exam we will just check why CPC is best exam for Medical coders.

Top 5 Secrets of CPC Exam for Medical coders

 Easy Paper pattern of CPC exam

The paper pattern in CPC exam is not very tough. There are only objective questions. It is a multiple choice questions paper where we have to select one correct answer from given 4 options. Now, if you are very good in coding guidelines you can easily find answer from the options without wasting time.

Especially those who have gone through model CPC question paper will easily find the correct answers. Those who are not confident can crosscheck in codebooks. If you can manage your time during CPC exam, you can easily find correct answers for each question.

Just a point to note that the paper start with surgery section, do try to attempt it after finishing other sections. Surgery section takes too much time and has lengthy questions.

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Use of ICD and CPT codebooks

This is the big advantage with the all-coding certification exams. You can carry the codebooks with you during these exams. But, do remember to carry only updated and original codebooks while going for coding certification exams.

Free CEUs

Without codebooks, you are not allowed to write the exam. If you good in coding guidelines and searching codes, you can easily find 70% to 80% of the correct answers. This is the reason I like this CPC exam.

You cannot believe that, people will prepare for CPC exam within a week and write the exam. They are not scared of these exams because they know the codebooks will be with them, so no need to worry.

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 Only 70% required to clear CPC

Yes, you have to just score 70% or more in CPC exam to become certified CPC coder. This is not tough if you prepare seriously for CPC Exam. If you are perfect with coding guidelines and know how to use the codebooks, you can easily score more than 70%.

In most of the exam, the cutoff will be mostly between 80% to 90%, but in this exam, it is only 70%. So, do not think about it, apply for CPC exam and start preparing from today. You can clear CPC exam in first attempt, if you attempt all the questions.

There are around 150 questions to answer within 5 hours 40 minutes. If you use your time properly, you can attempt all questions and might clear this exam with distinction.

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No Negative Marking for Wrong answers

Yes, there is no Negative marking for CPC exam. This is the best reason, why I tell to people to appear for this exam. We all are scared of negative marking because this factor will affect the score very badly. So, without negative marking our job becomes very easy to clear CPC exam.

Remember, when there is no negative markings means we should not miss any of the questions. If you attempt all the questions, you might get correct answer from your guesswork; if not then also your score will be same.

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Two   attempts to Clear CPC exam

Yes, you heard it correct you get two attempts to clear CPC exam. Yes, I understand one has to go through the exam first to understand the exact paper pattern of the exam. Many of us will not clear this exam in first attempt until they have gone through sample CPC exam model question paper.

If you can solve the model CPC exam paper within time with good score, you can then easily clear CPC exam in your first attempt. However, if you have failed in your first attempt, then do note down your mistakes and avoid them in the second attempt.

I always tell others to clear the exam in first attempt by preparing yourself nicely. Since, we spend a lot of money for this exam, we should take it seriously.