If I am not wrong, we always think exam are very tough to clear from our school days. The same even I use to think but with the time, I have seen if you are prepared enough these exams will not be tough and easy to clear. This same thing happens with CPC exam. The preparation and clearing this CPC exam was tough for me when I see those big codebooks required for CPC exam. As we know these codebooks are the real factors for wining these exams. I was initially unaware of the Medical coding field and the certification exams conducted by AAPC and AHIMA. The same feeling was with most of my friends who were trying to pursue a career in medical coding. However, with time we found out few tips and methods for CPC exam and how to prepare us to clear this coding certification exam. Now, let us checkout and learn more about CPC Exam preparation and the Certification exams helpful for Medical coders.

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Do not Over study for Preparing CPC exam

The most common rule to follow for clearing CPC exam is to prepare in right direction. What I have learnt so far is to try to learn the basic guidelines first both for CPT and ICD codes and then proceed for solving sample model question papers. Most, of us do not read the guidelines and directly start solving the sample CPC questions paper. As I said, do not try to use more brain when there is a direct answer for a question. For example, some professional will look for all the four options provided in the answers even though they get a correct answer. These research or over study sometimes takes you in wrong directions and waste our time. You can get the best sample CPC exam guide here which will surely help in clearing this exam.

Practice as much for CPC exam

I have provided a CPC Medical coding guide in this post; this can be very useful for preparing CPC exam. Practicing sample questions will boost your confidence and you will know how to find answer for these questions. The questions in CPC exam will be difficult or easy depending on the sections. You have to be clever enough to use to time to attempt each and every question in CPC Exam. That is the main reason I would suggest to practice as many model questions for CPC and try to finish the paper within stipulated time. This will be very helpful for managing time during CPC exam. Do not get disappointed if you are not able to answer a question, do not waste time on such questions and focus on those, which you can solve.

Know Codebooks as your best friend

Codebooks are the real game changers. If you are easy to find a code in codebook, you can easily answer lot of questions in CPC exam. The main problem here is how to read and locate a code in codebooks. So, do look for sections, which are difficult to locate and try to highlight them with color pen or sketch pen. These techniques will help you easily finding a code in code manuals. While solving sample questions find out which section or guideline is difficult to locate. Either use a highlighter or fold the paper of that page if you find it difficult to locate. Such things will save you time during CPC exam and helps in finding the correct answers.