Why CPC certification is a must for Medical Coders

A career in medical coding is not stable if don’t carry any credentials. As a coder we always thought of gaining experience and learning new facilities. But, if we have to survive in this competitive world, we have to carry at least one medical coding certificate. As a...
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Top 5 Essential Tips for CPC exams

CPC (Certified Professional Coder) is an exam of 5 hours 40 minutes. This examination time will decide you future career in Medical coder. However, you have a free retake, but I would suggest clearing the exam in First attempt. The preparation for CPC exam is already being discussed...
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Amazing Coding tips for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

There are generally two types of procedures you can come across in  coding medical reports, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Being a medical coder, you can code many different types of procedures. Most of the times coders are not aware of these terms diagnostic and interventional (therapeutic) exams. So,...
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Awesome Self Preparation tips for CPC exam

Medical coding is proving to be a very good Career in Future. People from different field are now slowly taking interest in this field. I have seen people holding diploma, bachelor’s degree, Master degree are very much interested to enter in this field. So, if you are really...
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KickASS ICD 10 Coding tips for Pathological Fractures

Fractures can be coded as traumatic or non-traumatic fractures. As we grow older, our bone density starts decreasing. Due to decrease in density, we may suffer from osteopenia or osteoporosis. These diseases are harmful for older patients because bones are damaged or injured with slight trauma or injury....
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