Medical coding is now considered as the best career option for life science professional. Being a medical coder professional, you will enjoy the knowledge you gain in this field. Yes, we have to also think about the pay scale or the salary structure of a medical coder. I have been a medical coder for more than 8 years now and the kind of growth I have seen for medical coders, is just phenomenal. Now, to ask about an average salary for a medical coder, there are certain criteria should be filtered. For example, a newly joined coder or a fresher will not have same salary as a Certified medical coder get, hence the medical coder salary varies from experience and the credentials of the medical coder. So, let us check in more details about the salary structure of medical coder in different location.

Average Medical coder salary for Certified and Non-Certified coders

Medical coder salary in United States (USA)

The average medical coder salary in US ranges from $43,000 to $52,000 or almost $23 per hour. Now, the range is the difference in the salary of a non-certified medical coder and a certified medical coder. Yes, there will be difference of around $7000 to $10000 in the salary of a certified and non-certified medical coder. This is the main advantage of having medical coding certification from AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders) and AHIMA ((American Health Information Management Association). Even if you are CPC (Certified Professional Coder) certified coder, you can earn handsome money during your initial days. CPC exam in just a basic exam and you can clear it by joining a medical training school or institute and solving few sample CPC question papers. I have seen many professionals who are not having experience in medical coding but have cleared CPC exam.

One the best advantage in USA being a medical coder is that, you can even get chance for work from home. There are few medical coders in USA who make handsome money by working from home. The difference between the pay scale of a home based coder and a regular office coder is not big. Hence, USA has a good salary structure for medical coders.

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Why Certification is important in Medical Coder Salaries

Certification always increases your chances to stand out of the crowd. Yes, in any field if you want to be called a professional, you have to carry few certification or credentials. So, when companies hire professionals, they first look for certified candidates. Now, just imagine you are running a company and you want some credential people to work in your company, you will obviously go for certified people. Also, the client gives a project to companies which have certified people. Hence, it makes a lot of difference in salary for medical coder from non-certified to certified coder. CPC is the best certification to carry from AAPC to grow as medical coder. If you want to earn more get credentials from AHIMA for exams like CCS (Certified Coding Specialist) which will help you to earn even more.

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Medical coder salary in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

The salaries of medical coder in UAE is around 7000 to 12000 dhirams per month.  Now, this amount is also varies with your experience and the credentials. There are many hospitals in UAE, and they have lot of work in both for outpatient and inpatient medical coders. The main advantage of working in UAE is that they have tax free salary. So, if you working in UAE, you will earn 100% salary without any tax deduction. If you are a CCS certified coder, you can easily get a job with good salary structure in. Hospitals in Dubai, Sharjah are always looking for inpatient medical coders certified by AHIMA.

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Medical coder salary in India

The average medical coder salary ranges from 1,50,000 to 3,00,000 lakh in rupees per year. The income of medical coder in India is very low compared to other countries. Also, if your salary increases with your experience, you have to pay income tax on your income. This is one the reason, most the medical coders from Indian cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida, Bengaluru etc. have move to UAE in Dubai, Sharjah, where they earn nicely without paying any taxes.

Hope, now you have a clear idea about the different salary structure of medical coders in different countries. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.