The procedure of blood patch involves injection of patient’s own blood in the epidural space. The whole procedure is performed in sterile manner to seal the site of the dural CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid) leak. The CSF leak is usually due to prior lumbar puncture, myelogram or epidural injection/infusion. Approximately around 20 cc of patient’s blood is withdrawn in sterile condition. Once blood is withdrawn, it is then quickly injected into the epidural space to seal the dural hole. There is only one procedure or CPT code for Blood patch. CPT code 62273 is used for Blood patch exam.

Tips for Coding Blood Patch CPT code 62273

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Detail description of CPT code 62273

As there is no other option except CPT code 62273, coding for blood patch is not quite difficult. If you understand the whole procedure you can easily, go ahead and code it. Since, we have already coded complex procedures like breast biopsy, Arthrocentesis, Central Venous Catheter placement etc. we should be having difficulty while coding blood patch procedures. Do read my previous articles on arthrogram, myelogram and fluoroscopy coding. It will surely help you to improve you coding skills in interventional radiology. Below, you can see the details description for CPT code 62273.

62273 – Injection, epidural, of blood or clot patch

77003 – Fluoroscopic Guidance for Spinal Procedures

Do remember, do not use above CPT code for “Prophylactic” Blood Patch.

Persistent headache after spinal interventions, generally myelography or epidural injections/infusions is the clinical indication.