How to use XS modifier in 2015New codes have been introduced in 2015 for modifiers. These modifiers are going to be used in places where we were using 59 modifier. But, we will be continuing using 59 modifier. We will learn one of the new modifier XS (X-Structural) which will be used in 2015. Now, we know that we were using 59 modifier previously only to differentiate one procedure from another. Now, if we see that we will be going more specific by using this new modifier XS to explain even the difference (structural) between the two procedures. Let’s learn about this XS modifier with the help of any example.

Now we know that we use to use only one CPT code even when performed on different structure. For example 73700, 73721, 93970 etc., now if we see the description of above CPT code

73700- CT Lower Extremity without contrast


73721- MRI Joint lower extremity without contrast

93970- Duplex Ultrasound extremity bilateral, venous

Now, we have example from CT, MRI and ultrasound. This will clearly explain that we have to use same CPT Code even performed different location. Like for CT ankle and knee of same side we have to code 73700 twice, for MRI ankle and knee of same side we have code 73721 twice and for Upper and lower extremity bilateral duplex for venous study we have to code 93970 twice. So, to differentiate these CPT codes on structural basis we will be using XS modifier in 2015. So, the codes will be as below

73700, 73700-XS

73721, 73721-XS

93970, 93970-XS

There is not much difference here we are just using a new modifier XS in place of 59 because it will give more information (structure difference) about procedure.