Medical coding field is the best career option for all professionals. If you are very much interested in medical science, anatomy and physiology, you will surely enjoy being a medical coder. Yes, it takes time to completely gain knowledge about CPT codes, ICD codes, HCPCS codes etc. but these codes will surely enhance your medical coding career. When I started my career as medical coder, I was immature and knew nothing about medical codes. But, after 5 years of my medical coding career, I am now a CPC certified medical coder with a healthy experience in outpatient and inpatient coding. But, to start I would suggest you all to first gain some live experience on coding medical charts for few months. This will give you some exposure about CPT and ICD codes. Once you are familiar with coding guidelines, you can go ahead and prepare for Certification exams like CPC.

How can Sample CPC papers help in clearing CPC exam?

Why to choose CPC exam    

CPC (Certified Professional Coder) exam is conducted by AAPC. This exam has 150 Objective questions. The time limit is 5 hours and 40 minutes. Also, there are no negative marking for any wrong answers. Now, anyone who is afraid of an exam would really look for exam which has no negative marks. That is why most of the medical coders go for CPC exam because of no negative marks. Also, you have two attempt to pass CPC exam. But, I would suggest everyone to clear the CPC exam in first attempt. I have seen most of us go for first attempt very casually and then they fail. Since the exam require more than 70% to pass the exam, it will not be tough for experience medical coder to pass this exam.

Best 2017 CPC Exam Guide (150 Questions with Answers)

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Solve Sample CPC papers to build confidence

Practice make everyone Perfect. Yes, without practicing the sample CPC paper you will struggle to clear the CPC exam. I remember my first sample CPC paper, I started solving the paper but did not finish the paper in 5 hours 40 minutes. That day I came to know how much I have prepared for the CPC exam. Then I solved 2 more sample CPC exam paper in next few weeks, this time I was able to finish the paper. You know that solving these CPC exam papers helped me to manage my time during exam and gain some confidence. Do not think 5 hours 40 minutes will be enough to solve the 150 questions, you will be in big trouble. Always try to finish your exam paper before time, as you use to do with your school exam paper. This will give you time to check any unanswered question. Hence, solving sample CPC exam paper will automatically help you solve the other problems which you will face during CPC exam.

Where to get Sample CPC exam papers

CPC exam consist of objective questions with 4 options in answers. The sample questions are one liners which you can get anywhere in medical coding websites. But, if you want a complete list of sample CPC paper for 2017 you can click here. You will get all the sample CPC exam questions with answers explained with rationale. I have referred them during my CPC exam, it helped me a lot and it will help you as well. Do not limit yourself to sample CPC papers, keep collecting question from different sources to gain more knowledge about CPC exam. Be prepared with ICD 10 coding guidelines thoroughly, most the questions are related to coding guidelines.

Hope, this article will help you to clear all your doubts on clearing CPC Exam. Do not hesitate just solve few sample CPC paper and you will easily clear this exam.