Many old age patients with AV fistula have complications after some time in AV graft. Now, to treat this physician used many therapeutic procedures. Some of the common procedure to treat complication in AV fistula is stent placement, Angioplasty, mechanical thrombectomy etc. These procedures are done only when there is some stenosis, stricture, occlusion etc present in the graft. Now, for performing thrombectomy, there will be presence of thrombus in AV fistula. So, all and all we are here to learn the CPT codes used for coding these procedures especially the Mechanical thrombectomy.

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Code Mechanical Thrombectomy in Dialysis AV fistula

Diagnosis used with CPT code for Mechanical thrombectomy

As per my knowledge, if you know the diagnosis you can assume what kind of procedure is done. For example, if there is hemorrhage or bleeding in an artery in diagnosis, most of the time an embolization procedure is performed to block that artery. So, always check for what diagnosis the patient is coming to the physician. Now, here also the most common diagnosis used for all the complication present in the AV fistula is 996.1 in ICD9 and T82.590A in ICD 10.

996.1 – Mechanical complication of other vascular device, implant, and graft

ICD 10 code


T82.590AOther mechanical complication of surgically created arteriovenous fistula, initial encounter

Now, you can see the difference between ICD 9 and ICD 10 code. These will the common diagnosis used for coding complications in AV fistula.

CPT code for Mechanical Thrombectomy in dialysis AV fistula

CPT code for Mechanical Thrombectomy in Fistula

Mechanical thrombectomy is done generally by inserting a catheter with an inflatable balloon attached to its tip into an artery, passing the catheter tip beyond the clot, inflating the balloon, and removing the clot by withdrawing the catheter. The catheter is called Fogarty. So, during coding mechanical thrombectomy do remember to see the device used for treating thrombus. The CPT code used for Mechanical thrombectomy in AV fistula is

36870Percutaneous Mechanical thrombectomy in AV fistula includes injection, thrombolysis and mechanical fragmentation of Thrombus.

One important not to remember, Thrombolysis in AV fistula is always coded as Mechanical thrombectomy. Hence, do not get confuse when the physician performs thrombolysis in fistula, go ahead and code mechanical thrombectomy CPT code 36870 for AV fistula.