From October, 2015 we have started using ICD 10 codes. Since, these are new codes, AAPC want us to be more proficient with ICD 10. Hence, we have to go through   compulsory ICD 10 proficiency assessment test to retain our CPC certification. This test has to be given by every member of AAPC holding AAPC certification except CIRCC certified member. This assessment test has to be cleared before 31st December 2015, if not you can lose you CPC-A, CPC, COC, CPC-P, CPC-I, CRC and CPMA Credential from AAPC. So, we should be prepared enough to give ICD 10 proficiency assessment Test before deadline to clear the exam and retain our credential.

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Don’t forget to give ICD 10 Proficiency Assessment Test


Procedure for giving ICD 10 proficiency assessment test

There are two options to give ICD 10 proficiency assessment test. Depending on your confidence and knowledge about ICD 10 codes you can go for any of these options. Let us check both the option used for giving ICD 10 proficiency assessment test

Option 1

This option is for those who are not aware of ICD 10 codes and have not gone through any ICD 10 training. Hence, this course includes the 6 hour online training plus the online assessment test. So, you can go through the training first, gain some knowledge and then go for the ICD 10 proficiency assessment test. If you require more training you can attend boot camp, conference etc. for which you have to pay few extra bucks.  Below are the main key features

Ø  150 questions

Ø  Open book exam without proctor

Ø  No time limit but should be completed before 31st December

Ø  6 hour online assessment course + conference, boot camp etc

Ø  Questions only on ICD 10 CM (ICD-10 PCS is not included)

Ø  16+ CEUs

Ø  $395-$595

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Options 2

This option is for those who are confident about ICD 10 codes and are ready to face any exam on ICD 10. Hence, the numbers of attempts are limited for these people and the exam cost is also less. Let use check out the key features for this option

Ø  75 multiple choice questions

Ø  Only two attempts to clear the exam

Ø  80% score to pass the exam

Ø  Open book without proctor

Ø  ICD 10 only (ICD 10 PCS is not covered in the assessment)


Ø  Only $60 administration fee