Basics of Percutaneous Lung Biopsy Cpt code

In interventional radiology, we have many CPT codes for Biopsy procedures. Breast biopsy has the most number of CPT codes to code in Percutaneous surgery. Now, as we know biopsy procedure are done to take sample of particular organ and study it to find any abnormal finding in them.

Like breast biopsy, we examine breast mass or lesion to see whether it is malignant or benign for breast cancer, similarly lung biopsy is done to examine the abnormal lung mass or nodule present in lung, whether is malignant or benign in nature. I have also shared about the thyroid biopsy coding.

Biopsy procedure is very effective in finding the initial stages of cancer, so that it can be treated on right time. Now, let check out the CPT codes used for coding Lung Biopsy in minimal non-invasive procedures.

Learn how to code Percutaneous Lung Biopsy Cpt code

If you are a surgery coder, you should know all the guidance CPT codes used along with the biopsy procedures. Now, with new updates in 2017 we have new procedures like spinal epidural injection which has included the guidance procedure code. Even the breast biopsy procedure were updated before including the guidance exam. But, other biopsy procedure still needs guidance codes.

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So, the most commonly used code used for biopsy is Ultrasound guidance, CPT code 76942. One needs to always remember it should be coded only with non-vascular procedures in surgery coding. For Vascular procedure, we have separate CPT code 76937 for vascular procedures. Same goes for Fluoroscopic guidance, 77001 should be coded with vascular procedures and 77002 for non-vascular procedures like biopsy  and injection procedures like arthrogram, arthrocentesis etc. 

Percutaneous Lung Biopsy Cpt codes

For the main procedure for lung biopsy done in lung or mediastinum using percutaneous needle we use to code 32405 code. While the guidance used with this procedure is 77012, CT guidance for biopsy procedures.

So, we usually have to two CPT codes for lung biopsy, one for main procedure and the other for the guidance used to obtain the sample like the mass, nodule or lesion from the lung.

32405Biopsy, lung or mediastinum, percutaneous needle
77012CT guidance, used with Biopsy procedures

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Do and Don’t with Percutaneous Lung Biopsy Cpt code

Do not code and open biopsy procedure code for percutaneous lung biopsy. If an open biopsy is done, they will never use guidance because in open procedure they will just cut and open the body through incision, which is a not done in percutaneous procedure. In percutaneous biopsy, the physician will only use a needle and will not cut any part of skin; he or she will just pass a needle through the skin using guidance and perform the minimal invasive procedure.
Do code the correct guidance code used while performing lung biopsy. Sometimes, the ultrasound guidance 76942 is also used in place of CT guidance 77012.