Doppler and ultrasound exam makes a duplex exam. We have separate code for Ultrasound and duplex exam. But when we have to code them together we get confused. If you see there is nothing different about the procedure codes. Same thing happen while coding CPT code for renal ultrasound with doppler exam. If we know the exact procedure for these exams, its easy to code them. 

For Renal or kidney ultrasound exam we have a complete and limited ultrasound procedure code, similarly like abdomen complete (76700) and limited ultrasound (76705)Now, when we use CPT codes for renal ultrasound, the medical report documents or talks  about structure or functional abnormality of retro-peritoneal organs. 

But, Doppler or duplex exam of renal arteries/veins are different , they talk about the assessment of blood flow and recording with spectral waveform of the renal artery and/or veins. These exams help in diagnosing narrow or blocked renal arteries which may result in kidney failure or hypertension.

Cpt code 76770 renal ultrasound with doppler
Vascular Structure of Kidney

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When to use Cpt code for renal ultrasound with Doppler?

When we have to code renal ultrasound report, we have a direct cpt code for that. But, when it is done with doppler studies, we have to check the documentation very carefully. Because, when a renal doppler exam is performed they will assess the renal artery or vein for proper blood flow. Cpt code for renal ultrasound with doppler will come together only when there are finding for ultrasound and doppler studies.

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 ICD 10 diagnosis covered for Renal Doppler ultrasound CPT codes

Most of the renal diagnosis are covered for Renal ultrasound procedure. Usually the patient comes with a Flank pain (R10.9) for ultrasound renal exam. The pain is generally because of some obstruction in the renal pathway. The common diagnosis you will come across will be:


Hydronephrosis N13.30

Nephrolithiasis or Renal Stone N20.0

Ureteral Stone N20.1

Hematuria R31.9 

Hydronephrosis with renal and ureteral calculous obstruction  N13.2

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Description of Procedure code 76770 for renal ultrasound with Doppler

Till now we know when to code both renal ultrasound and doppler together. So, let checkout the cpt codes used for renal ultrasound and doppler studies.

76770ultrasound renal complete.

76775ultrasound renal limited

93975Duplex scan of arterial inflow and venous outflow of abdominal, pelvic, scrotal contents and/or retroperitoneal organs; complete study

93976Duplex scan of arterial inflow and venous outflow of abdominal, pelvic, scrotal contents and/or retroperitoneal organs; Limited study

Most important point to remember to code 93975 and 93976, please check for the assessment of flow with color, recording with spectral waveform and finding present in the report. Simply quick checking of whether the flow is present through doppler studies doesn’t qualify to code these cpts. Proper documentation should be present for coding cpt code for renal ultrasound with doppler.

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CCI Edits for CPT code 76770 & 76775 of renal ultrasound with doppler

As I have told you the Ultrasound is a part of duplex exam. Hence, when we are coding a duplex exam cpt code with ultrasound, we should use a modifier so that both procedure should get paid. Since, ultrasound is included in duplex exam we will have CCI edits when we code them together.

Hence, when we are coding renal ultrasound with duplex, the cpt code with ultrasound should be appended with 59 modifier. The 59 modifier will make ultrasound a distinct procedure from duplex exam and complete separate procedure. So, next time if you are coding 93975/93976 and 76770/76775 together, do check the CCI edits and use a 59 modifier with appropriate cpt.

Hope, now you are confident to code cpt code for renal with doppler procedure. Please share if you like the article.