As we know there are few modifiers have been introduced in 2015. These new modifiers are used in place of 59 to differentiate between procedures more specifically. XS, XE, XU and XP are the new modifiers have been included in 2015 new codes. Now, we will learn here only about XE modifier. The XE modifier stands for X- Encounter. This modifier is used to differentiate between the two procedures with different encounter under same physician. Since, many of us are new to using these modifiers it will be good to learn them using few examples. Now, let us checkout how to use XE modifier while coding medical charts in medical coding.

How to use XE (Encounter) modifier in 2015

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Technique of using XE modifier

XE modifier is used with procedures, which have different encounter on same day with same physician. Here, we will take an example from radiology charts. Let us say the patient has come with an ankle fracture in the morning to the physician. The physician performs an x-ray of ankle with three views. So, the procedure code for this report will be

73610 – Radiology examination of ankle, minimum three views

Now, the same patient comes in evening for the reduction of the fracture to the same physician. Now, the physician performs an x-rays of ankle but only two views. So, now here as we see the patient has different encounter with same physician in morning and evening. Hence, we have to differentiate such procedure using XE modifier. Earlier until 2014, only 59 modifier was used to differentiate procedures. So, finally the CPT code for the second encounter will be

73600-XE –Radiology examination of ankle, two views

Hope, you would have understood now how to use XE modifier. If you like the article do share it.