Difference between ICD 9 code for Urosepsis and Sepsis

In ICD 9 coding sepsis is little complicated. Coding of sepsis involves use of two or more codes. There is separate coding guideline only for Sepsis where we can learn how to easily code sepsis. It is infectious and can lead to organ failure if not take care at right time. Now, I am here just to remove confusion about ICD 9 code for urosepsis and sepsis. Now, both are related to infection but they have different icd 9 codes. Urosepsis has a single icd 9 diagnosis code. It should not be confused with sepsis just because of word sepsis in Urosepsis.


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Exact ICD 9 code for urosepsis

Urosepsis is actually urinary tract infection. So, the icd 9 code for urosepsis is 599.0 and use it for this diagnosis. For coding sepsis follow using 038.9 series which is the right code. Urosepis leads to urinary tract infection and should be use any of the above code for sepsis. In addition, if you know the sepsis icd 9 coding guidelines you will know the exact icd 9 code for urosepsis.

icd 9 code for urosepsis

ICD 10 for urosepsis : N39.0