New Breast biopsy CPT Codes for 2014
Breast Biopsy

There were separate codes for breast biopsy procedures along with guidance. We have to assign multiple codes for breast procedures earlier. However, from 2014 we have bundled CPT codes of breast biopsy with guidance. New breast biopsy CPT codes helps in coding the Interventional radiology procedures easily.  We have individual code for breast biopsy with guidance. Lets checkout the new breast biopsy cpt codes.

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Breast Biopsy CPT Codes  with Stereotactic Guidance

Before, we used to code Breast biopsy code separately with stereotactic guidance CPT Code. However,  from 2014 we have been provided with bundled CPT code including stereotactic guidance. We have two codes for breast biopsy with stereotactic guidance, 19081 and 19082. Now, when the breast biopsy is done on the first lesion with the help of stereotactic guidance we use 19081. Cpt Code 19082 is an add-on code. It should be always used with 19081. Breast biopsy done for each additional lesion, CPT code 19082 is used.

19081 Stereotactic guided Breast biopsy performed percutaneously, First lesion
+19082 for each additional lesion

New breast biopsy CPT Codes with ultrasound guidance

Here we have the same thing to follow, the only difference is about the ultrasound guidance. Here also we have two CPT codes for first lesion and for each additional lesion. The cpt codes used for the ultrasound guided breast biopsy are 19083 and 19084. The breast biopsy performed with ultrasound guidance for first lesion is coded with 19083. For each additional lesion add-on code is used 19084. 19084 is never used primary and should be always used with 19083.

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19083 Ultrasound guided breast biopsy performed percutaneously, First lesion
+19084 for each additional lesion

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New breast biopsy CPT Codes  with Magnetic Resonance (MR)

MR guided breast biopsy procedure also have two CPT codes.  Here, also we will have a primary CPT code for first lesion and an add-on code for each secondary lesion. The cpt code used for MR guided breast biopsy procedures are 19085 and 19086. 19085 is used as primary code for first lesion with 19086 for each addition lesion.

19085 MR guided breast biopsy performed percutaneouly, first lesion
+19086 for each additional lesion

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New breast biopsy CPT Codes for 2014 with CT guidance

CT guided breast biopsy have separate codes earlier for breast biopsy and CT guidance. However, in 2014 they have deleted only the main breast biopsy procedure. Here, we have slight difference in primary CPT code. We will have two codes here because we do not have any bundled CPT code for CT guided breast biopsy like others. In 2014, we are using an unlisted CPT code for breast procedure 19499 as primary code for CT guided breast biopsy. We will also code the CT guidance code 77012 along with 19499. Hence, we will code an unlisted CPT code for CT guided breast biopsy for first lesion.

19499 Unlisted breast procedure
77012 CT guidance used for Biopsy

For each addition lesion studied, we can code again the unlisted 19499 CPT code with 59 modifier.
Therefore, here we can conclude about the new breast biopsy CPT codes for 2014. Hope you can get more information about new breast biopsy CPT Codes through this article. If you like the article do share it.