Basics of New Paracentesis cpt code 2013 Paracentesis CPT code update

Abdominal paracentesis is done to remove the accumulated fluid in the abdomen cavity. The abnormal fluid in abdominal cavity is called ascites. Abdminal paracentesis is done majorly to remove ascites. Paracentsis Cpt code is changed in 2013. Earlier we have to code Abdominal paracentesis along with imaging guidance. But, the new bundled codes are having imaging guidance included with them. Lets checkout the new Paracentesis cpt code 2013.

49082 Abdominal Paracentesis without imaging Guidance (Diagnostic or therapeutic)

49083 Abdominal Paracentesis with imaging Guidance (diagnostic or therapeutic)

49084 Peritonal lavage, including imaging guidance, when performed.

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The main diagnosis ICD 10 code for Abdominal paracentesis is R18.8 (ICD 9 code 789.59) for ascites. This is main reason for performing paracentesis.

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Points to Remember while coding abdominal paracentesis

Do not code an imaging guidance code with 49083 and 49084, since it is always included with these cpt codes.

Don’t confuse with diagnostic or therapeutic procedure, we can use these 49082 and 49083 with both of them.

If there is procedure done along with imaging guidance like ultrasound guidance 76942 and abdominal paracentesis is also done with imaging guidance 49083, do use a 59 modifier with 76942 to distinct it for the abdominal Paracentesis procedure. Because without assigning 59 modifier, the procedure won’t get paid.

Paracentesis CPT code is very easy to apply as compared to surgery procedure codes. This will help is improving the quality of work in medical coding.