Basic about urethral catheterization CPT code

Tips to code urethral catheterization cpt codeUrinary catheters are used when patient is unable to empty his or her bladder. If the urine is retained in bladder, pressure is developed in the kidney. Such pressure can lead to harmful disorder like kidney failure. The urinary catheter has a tiny balloon attached at the end. When the catheter is placed in bladder, the balloon is inflated and it helps to keep it stable and immobile. When to remove the urinary the catheter balloon is deflated and the catheter is removed. Urethral catheterization CPT Code is used in surgery facility for coding. In medical coding, urethral catheterization procedure is used very commonly coded. The urethral catheterization CPT codes are few but are little tricky to code. Before placing urinary catheter the physician can perform renal ultrasound doppler exam or a nephrostogram procedure for finding any obstruction in the urinary tract.

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Documentation for urethral catheterization CPT Code

Patient with residual urine problem are treated with urethral catheterization procedure. The urethral catheterization cpt code includes use of non-dwelling and indwelling catheter. The indwelling catheter like Foley catheter stays or allowed to remain in the bladder. Common indications for urethral catheterization CPT Code include acute or chronic urinary retention, which can be harmful for kidneys. Hence, urethral catheterization procedure is performed. Let check each of urethral catheterization CPT Code.

51701- Insertion for non-indwelling bladder catheter

This procedure is performed when we have to removal directly the residual urine after placing the catheter. In this procedure, the non-indwelling catheter is used. These catheters are placed straight away in the bladder to remove the residual urine.

51702- Insertion of temporary indwelling bladder catheter: simple

This procedure is performed with temporary indwelling catheter. The temporary catheter like Foley catheter is used to place it in bladder. A balloon is attached at the end of the catheter to keep it at one place after inflation and remove it after deflating the balloon.

51703- Insertion of temporary indwelling bladder catheter; complicated

This code is reported when the physician has any difficulty placing the bladder catheter. The urologist should only place the catheter then only this code should be reported. Do not code this report if the Nurse places it. Also, ensure the documentation clearly documents the difficulty in placing the catheter in bladder by the physician.

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Diagnosis Related to urethral catheterization CPT Code

The main diagnosis, which we come across while reporting CPT code 51703 are urethral stricture, false passage and bladder neck contracture. Report CPT 51703 even if physician has problem in removing urethral catheter.

ICD -9 codes

598.9 –urethral stricture

599.71- Gross hematuria

599.4- Urethral False passage

596.0- Bladder neck obstruction

ICD -10 codes

N35.9- Urethral Stricture

R31.0- Gross hematuria

N36.5- Urethral False passage

N32.0- Bladder neck obstruction

Hope, now you can code urethral catheterization CPT Code easily with correct diagnosis.