We know time is very important factor in your life. From your childhood your parents and elders tell us not to waste time and utilize it in a proper way. The more you are respect time the more you succeed in life. In simple and short way just don’t think the time will wait for anyone. For medical coders like us time is very important specially during your AAPC CPC certification exam. We know that AAP CPC exam has 5 hours 40 minutes time, but that time will go so fast during exam that you won’t even realize. Many of us prepare yourself to clear CPC exam and get certified to have successful career in medical coding. But, most of us specially those preparing for CPC exam without any training, don’t understand the importance of time during CPC exam and fail to clear the exam. We all want to clear CPC exam in First attempt, so for that we should focus on all small things which can hinder in Clearing AAPC CPC exam.

How to utilize Time during AAPC CPC exam

Solve Mock or Sample CPC papers

To keep a good track of how much time you will take to clear a CPC exam, it will be better to go through few sample CPC questions paper. CPC exam paper consist of easy and difficult section. If you are 99% perfect in surgery coding, you can attempt the surgery section first. As we are now going to use ICD 10 codes, do avoid few common mistakes of ICD 1o codes. During solving sample CPC question paper, keep a time limit for solving each question. Do remember there are no negative marking for wrong answers in CPC Exam, so always try to attempt all questions during CPC exam. These are super easy methods to clear CPC exam. Checkout this CPC sample quide which will help you in solving few sample question papers.

Best 2017 CPC Exam Guide (150 Questions with Answers)

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Save time in Searching Codes

Original and updated CPT and ICD codebooks are allowed during CPC exam. It is an open codebook exam. But, sometimes it is a disadvantage, let me tell you how?. Few questions in AAPC CPC exam have answers in front of you in the options. If we filter those codes, we can easily get the correct answer. For example, those who are expert in coding CPT codes for guidance, have a question on vascular procedures with guidance codes ( 76937 and 77001) in options, they don’t have to check codebooks, they can check the options and easily get correct answer by ignoring non-vascular guidance CPT codes (76942,77002 &77003). So, if you are 100% confident avoid using codebooks which will save your lot of time and if you are having doubts, do use them.

Bookmark your Codebooks

Bookmark the pages which are not easy to find in codebooks. Use a highlighter to highlight important guidelines for CPT and ICD in  codebooks. Using such tips will surely help in saving time during CPC exam and finding the correct answer. You can refer to some of the best books in market for medical coding certification exams, to know some the techniques for clearing these exam. Be updated with the new CPT code changes every year. Keeping all these things in mind will surely help in improving your skills in medical coding. My favorite chapters to bookmark are coding for sepsis, coding for pregnancy complication and use of Z codes.

Be confident during AAPC CPC exam

Finally, when we are prepared with everything, be calm and confident during AAPC CPC exam. Do not lose confidence when you don’t get the correct answer and without wasting time move to another question. Plan in such a way that you attempt all the questions which you can solve with correct answers. Once, you done with them, go for the unanswered questions. In CPC exam you only need to score more than 70% to pass the exam. There are 80% chances to clear this exam if you have attempted the whole paper. It is an open codebook exam, if you know them as your best friend, you can easily clear this exam.

Finally, hope these time-saving techniques for CPC exam will surely help you to become a Certified professional coder in future.